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You've probably already heard the news, so I won't repeat myself here. Suffice it to say, there have been some pretty significant changes in my life lately. Consider this comic a new beginning. It's pretty fitting that it's about zombies: a symbolic reinvention of sorts. Sure, zombies aren't exactly a GOOD result of said transformation, but the symbolism works enough to an extent, alright?

So why nerds? Well, our main characters, Oliver and Adam, are very much based off myself. Or at least aspects of myself. And those aspects are kinda nerdy, so...

But really, the entire premise for the comic came from a joke: nerds would do extremely well in the apocalypse for four very distinct reasons.

  1. When you live in your parents' basement, you're basically living in a bunker, the perfect place to wait out any kind of apocalypse.
  2. Building on #1, the large surplus of beef jerky and energy drinks would suffice as perfect rations to wait out the initial days of chaos.
  3. The encyclopedic knowledge of every zombie movie ever made would serve as the ultimate survival guide, regardless of whatever type of zombies the world is dealing with.
  4. And lastly, that decorative collection of medieval and/or east Asian swords and weapons are the perfect arsenal to fight the hordes of undead now running rampant across the globe.

So there you have it. Nerds will rule the apocalypse.

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Let's play more of The Forest! They added a design for an actual treehouse! Gonna trick it out like crazy. twitch.tv/MattMelvin