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Ah, the age old question: do those really count a zombies? Many a debate has been held about what constitutes an actual zombie. New-age zombie fans seem to think anything with cannibalistic tendencies count as zombies, ala 28 Days Later. Purists, on the other hand, basically have the mindset of "Romero or bust."

Personally, I tend to skew towards the purists. A virus that turns people into mindless, animalistic killers intent on consuming and turning their victims is very similar to what I think qualifies as a zombie, but similarity doesn't equal synonymous. Zombies shouldn't be super fast. They should be decaying corpses, slowly disintegrating away as they unknowingly attempt to pass on their plague to a new unsuspecting victim to carry the torch, and so on. Now, I don't think zombies need to be returned from the dead, but they should at least be technically dying.

So where do YOU stand?

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This originally came out 17yrs ago and now I feel super old I might as well be dead already. twitch.tv/MattMelvin