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So, yeah, this particular page might seem a little backwards. Am I really bitching about zombies in my own zombie comic? Well, yeah.

But I'm not bitching about ALL zombie-related media. Just the lazy ones. There's some fantastic zombie stuff out there in all sorts of various forms. Hell, The Walking Dead has comics, a tv show, multiple video games and books all locked down. And they're all done fantastically well. On the other side, however, there's bullshit like Plants vs Zombies. It's a fine game if you enjoy it, but the premise is just lazy. And it's something we see far too often: the arbitrary slapping of the word "zombies" on something to increase sales/interest.

I love zombies. Obviously. But shoehorning them into something that otherwise has absolutely nothing to do with them is lazy. Got a cool video game? Are sales dying down? Just release your zombie expansion pack and you're golden!

It's like horror movies releasing more and more sequels, running out of ideas, then just making the next movie happen in spaaaace! The Friday the 13th franchise has Jason X, where they just send Jason to space. I've even seen a Dracula movie set on a space station in the future! You've jumped the shark in a goddamn spaceship.

By the way, that Dracula movie is called Dracula.3000 and it's awful and you should totally watch it.

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