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There was a small discussion started in the previous comments thread about zombie flicks and how they handle the cause and spread of zombies. One major issue a lot of people, myself included, have is the portrayal of the military.

In most zombie films, the world is exactly the same as in real life, with two major exceptions:

1) The idea of zombies didn't exist prior to the outbreak. No movies, comics, or anything zombie-related were ever made. Because of this, nobody has any idea what a zombie is. And nobody uses the word 'zombie' either.

2) The military is wholly incompetent. BUT WHY!? In every movie, the outbreak usually starts in a single location, oftentimes a small town. If this were ever the case in real life, the military would be able to handle it easily. Granted, the town as a whole might be fucked, but the military could deal with the situation and stop the spread. They are trained very well.

But most zombie movies disregard that fact. Of course, if your movie had an outbreak and the military swiftly dealt with it, you wouldn't have much of a movie, but that always feels like a cop-out to me. Why not write your story so it's more believable? More plausible? The reasons why the outbreak begins and why it can't be stopped are incredibly important details to me. When movies gloss over those aspects -- or even worse, the reasons are just bad -- it really takes me out of the story.

I like to think our story takes care of those questions in a pretty plausible way. I'm not gonna go into details here. I'll let the story tell itself, but everything will slowly unfold, hints and clues peppered into the story as we go.

Anybody got any guesses so far?

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