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"Things may have changed out there, but one thingís for certain: youíre still a nerd and Iím still bigger than you."

It may not seem like it, but this is a pretty important page. Up until this point, Jackson may have seemed a little one-dimensional. He's a jock who likes sports and hates nerds. If you haven't already, this is (hopefully) the point where we realize what's been going on with him: he's been clinging to the past. And hard.

His way of coping with what's going on is sticking with what's been working for him in the past. Much to the chagrin of our story's protagonists, this involves a lot of macho positioning and bullying. Oliver and Adam basically saved him from a ticking timebomb that was the school and have been leading the way ever since, but even then, here's Jackson still trying to assert dominance and be the alpha.

In highschool, you've got this weird, but balanced ecosystem going on where bullying and that type of behavior is somehow expected and understood. But this isn't highschool anymore. Far from it. I'm broadly simplifying things a little when I say this, but there are two types of people who survive in the apocalypse: those who hold onto their humanity and try to do what's the right (or at least what's the most right thing to do given some pretty horrific circumstances), and those who forgo their humanity and go full psychopath.

The "bullies" of the apocalypse are those psychopaths. The marauders. The bandits. The murderers, cannibals and rapists. Jackson may not be a "good guy" in the traditional sense, but he's an absolute teddybear by comparison.

To survive, one must adapt and evolve. I think it's pretty clear both Oliver and Adam have already begun that process and then some. But Jackson is reluctantly holding onto an ideal that no longer exists. This could be due to stubbornness, fear, cowardice, some combination or something else entirely. And now that his little locker room sanctuary bubble has been popped, how long until he finally realizes he must evolve as well? And when he does, will he choose to play along?

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