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So here's something pretty cool. Lucas, an intrepid fan from Canada, had a university assignment to write a paper on a comic they enjoyed. Lucas chose The Last Nerds! For a comic still in it's infancy, Lucas noticed a lot of the finer details of the comic and a lot of the background intention. He even noticed some things I never thought of myself! Here's some quick excerpts!

As a huge nerd himself, Matt Melvin is able to relate to his audience through one of the most common superhero arguments: who would win, Superman or the Batman? Ultimately, as Adam points out, it comes down to what superhero is better "now." This is a new spin on the same conversation that many different nerds have argued over for decades.

Although neither of these boys is a psychotherapist, the fact that they are talking shows how they are working through their issues of the zombie apocalypse. They project their issues into their conversation, the ability to fly away from this situation, the strong defense of a fortress, and the mobile protection of a tank.

We started the comic with a flash forward prologue because the conversation is important. For multiple reasons. And Lucas has picked up on a few of them here. What will our "heroes" do? Run from the situation, hide or prepare themselves and go out to face the threat? He also picked up on something I didn't even really consider myself.

Forgetting the zombie onslaught, the conversation and apparel of Oliver show repressed feelings Oliver has. Oliver argues against Superman as the greater hero, but if we look at his clothes he dressed like Clark Kent. In the first panel he makes it quite clear that he is upset with Superman for pretending to need glasses. Oliver could be projecting his lack of 20/20 eyesight and poor masculinity onto Superman, so unconsciously he decides to wear clothes that make him like Superman's alter ego.

I never realized we subconsciously decided to dress Oliver like Clark Kent! But I kinda love that.

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